Spain’s hidden treasure – Toledo!

Toledo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a pristine medieval town located on a mountaintop by the banks of River Tagus. It is surrounded on three sides by a bend in the River, giving it an unparallel charm.


Toledo is known as ‘The City of Three Cultures’ as it has been influenced by co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews over many years. This has led to an impressive mix of artistic monuments ranging from churches and fortresses, to alcazars and synagogues. The rich cultural legacy is evident as you walk through the cobblestone alleys taking in the long years of history that this city has been witness to.

IMG_5116 IMG_5201From the alcazar, you head downhill towards the banks of Tagus. The walk by the bank is surrounded by raw natural beauty and you can sit by the river enjoying the view. After all that walk, stop by at the Plaza de Zocodover where you can savour in a variety of mouth-watering spanish delights ranging from paella to sangria.

Fact File: Regular trains run from Madrid to Toledo operated by Renfe.

From the station, you can walk uphill towards the Alcazar passing by the cathedral, synagogue and other monuments. Once you reach Alcazar, you head downhill towards River Tagus ending up by the Roman bridge.

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