Weekend getaway to Paris!

Paris is one of our favourite European cities. Easily accessible by train from anywhere in Europe, it makes for a great weekend trip. From the minute, you step out of Gare Du Nord station, you can feel the Eiffel tower loom over you from every street, every bridge that you walk on as though watching your every move.


The best way to see Paris is on foot – starting from below the Eiffel, a stroll alongside River Siene would take you across most of the attractions and not to mention the gorgeous view especially once the sun has set.

Paris_July 2013 -137

If you are looking to buy street art, do check out the work displayed by artists on the bridge opposite to Notre Dame Cathedral. If you spend some time looking through them, you can come back with some treasured possessions.


Paris is known for it’s charming B&B’s. So next time you are in Paris, ditch the traditional hotel and book yourself into a B&B. Trust me, it is worth it.

I have been to Paris during different seasons and for me nothing is more enchanting than Paris in the winter – light snow falling on the streets, the city illuminated with lights and sparkling with Xmas decorations, women in their fashionable winter wear – everything is just picture perfect.

Which is your favourite season to visit Paris?

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