Picturesque Prague!

Prague is a charming old world city, by the Vltava river. The historic centre of Prague is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, spread across the Old Town, New town and Lesser town.


Prague flourished during the Gothic and Renaissance eras and being one of the few cities that survived the second world war, most of its historic architecture remains intact even today.This is evident when you sit at a café on the Old Town square looking up at the tall astronomical clock and the church of our lady, the massive gothic structures staring back at you. We sat at the square for hours, taking in the surronding vibe.


From the old to the new town, you see the shift from gothic to the renaissance era in the form of the National Museum and National Theatre. Walking across the Charles Bridge, built over River Vltava, connecting Old Town with the Lesser Town, you head towards the Prague castle, the Lennon wall, the Kampa island and the Petrin hill.


Prague castle has been the home to Bohemian Kings, Roman Emperors and Presidents of former Czechoslovakia and is one of the largest ancient castles of the world. This is why you can see every style of architecture from Gothic to Romanesque to Bohemian within the walls of this castle.

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Must do’s:

  • Rajat & I are strong believers of experiencing a city on foot. We love walking through the winding alleys, witnessing the true spirit of the city. Not to mention, occasionally when we get lost, we stumble upon a hidden monument or a gorgeous street not mentioned on any travel guide and that makes our day. Prague is definitely one city that’s best seen on foot.
  • If you have read and are intrigued (like I am) by Franz Kafka, then the Kafka museum, dedicated to his works is a must visit.
  • Prague is also famous for its Bohemian glass work – These make for great souvenirs. You can also take a workshop to see how the glass figurines are made. The shops on the old town square tend to be more expensive – If you walk into the smaller alleys, you would find the same items for lesser prices.
  • I would recommend you stay in the Old Town area, where you can experience the vibrance of the city on foot though day and night.


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