Discovering Budapest!

This hungarian capital gets its name from Buda and Pest – 2 cities situated on either banks of River Danube.

We would recommend to book your hotel in Pest, the younger part of the city brimming with restaurants, pubs and a vibrant night life. Imagine our delight when we reached our hotel and found everything to be just a few steps away.


DSC02645 DSC02601 DSC02607

Crossing River Danube will take you to Buda, which is the older part of the city. In Buda, trek up to the Castle Hill. The view from the top is definitely worth the trek. From there, it’s another short walk to the Labyrinth and Mathias Church.


IMG_6908 IMG_6953

One of the must-do’s in Budapest is to experience their famous thermal baths, some of them dating back to Turkish times.

The best part of our holiday was watching the Eurocup finals with the locals on a big screen by the city square. No better way to feel at home than by doing what the locals do.

DSC02605 Budapest is one of the most under-rated European destinations that we have been to. It is well-connected  by air and rail, is budget-friendly (thanks to the Hungarian Forint) and has managed to successfully separate it’s history from it’s modern lifestyle making it easy for the traveller to enjoy both with ease.

Is Budapest on your travel list?


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