Wine Tasting in St.Emilion

St.Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage listed wine region, is an ideal day trip from Bordeaux if you are looking to spend a day tasting some good wine.



You can visit the wine estate chateau’s where you take a tour of their wine cellars. These cellars hold barreled and bottled wine from various years. After the cellar tour, you head upstairs to learn more about the wine making process. This is usually clubbed with wine tasting at the end of which you can buy the ones that you like (It is not necessary to buy a bottle at the end of the tour but it is hard to resist the temptation of taking some good ol’ wine back with you).


Towards the end of the day, do spend some time exploring the village of St.Emilion. Walking through the cobblestone paths you pass by numerous shops selling wine that gives St.Emilion its reputation.


Fact File:

Getting there: Regular trains run every two hours from Bordeaux. It is also a short drive if you choose to go by car.

Where to stay: We chose to stay in Bordeaux and do a day trip, although there are options to stay in the village of St.Emilion.

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